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        1. Meet the Management Team

          Surya Panditi

          President and CEO, Enel X North America

          Surya Panditi is the Head of Enel X North America, managing the company’s business in the United States and Canada. In this role, Panditi oversees the...

          Alexander Gurzhi

          Chief Software Architect, Cloud

          Alex brings to the team more than 25 years of experience in professional software design and development. He oversees the architecture...

          Vincent Schachter

          Senior Vice President, Energy Services

          Vincent Schachter is an entrepreneur at the crossroads of energy and digital, with a strong track-record growing organizations through product...

          Elise Benoit

          Vice President, Marketing

          With over 20 years of marketing experience, Elise Benoit has spent her career developing successful B2C and B2B marketing strategies...

          Daniel Feldman

          Vice President, Product Management

          Daniel Feldman is a seasoned technologist, with more than two decades of business and product management expertise. At eMotorWerks, Feldman leads...

          Tim Comstock

          Vice President, Operations

          With more than 30 years of global supply chain and operations management experience spanning across the world, Tim Comstock’s track record includes...